Current UK Interest Rate

Next Update: 20 June 2019
2nd November 2018

This week, The Bank of England has asked the general UK public to submit the names of figures of national scientific importance that they would like to appear on the brand new £50 banknote. The final decision will be announced in six weeks' time. Read More...

2nd August 2018

Interest rates decision, Today, the Bank of England raised interest rates to 0.75 percent. This the highest level it has been since the lows of the financial crisis that began from March 2009 when the interest rate was cut to 0.5 percent. Read More...

Latest UK interest rates

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Next Interest Rate Decision

The Interest rates are decided by the Bank of England once per month by a committee with the vote deciding whether the rates are raise, lowered or to remain the same.

In this decision, the Governer of the BOE has the determining vote in the event of no overall majority.

Historic Rates

If you want to know the Historic rates of the UK interest rate then we have all the data going back to 1975. We also aim to keep the information up to the minute when the new rate changes are announced by the Bank of England.